Saturday, April 17, 2010

Being Well in Difficult Economic Times

The current debate over US health care overlooks several conditions:
  1. The required insurance provides poor services at high costs and is designed to benefit insurance companies.
  2. The services provided for chronic illnesses rely on poorly tested and conceived pharmaceuticals that benefit providing corporations more that the patient.
Corporations and public companies are required by law to make maximum profits for their stock holders. All other aspects of providing needed services are overlooked in meeting this primary legal obligation.
So the reality is, that when it comes to curing chronic illness in the expensive US health care system, you are really already on your own. The system is going to manage your symptoms with drugs and is not going to offer you a cure. The only people who offer cures in the system are people who are soliciting funds for research and these "cures" are eternally just around the corner. What the health care system does for patients is offer excellence diagnosis. What he health care system offers is real good short term solutions for physical trauma, from broken bones on up.
If you have a chronic issue, it is important for you to realize that confronting it is something you will have to do on your own with little or no support from the health care system other than maintenance medications. To get well you will have to rely on alternative methods.
So what alternatives have people used to get well?
  1. People have used a variety of healing diets to return to health.
  2. People have used breathing exercises to reverse physical illness.
  3. People have used physical exercises to overcome physical issues.
  4. People have enrolled their minds and thinking in a process of becoming well.
  5. People have performed life energy exercises in a positive surrounding context and this alone has overcome major illnesses.
  6. People have shifted their heart energies to create a whole new lease on life.
  7. People have met the needs of their souls to find that such a process has impacted both their minds and their bodies.
There are alternatives to maintaining the symptoms of illness that actually have led to documented reversal of illnesses, that have led to cures. So considering the alternatives may be the best thing you can do for your life.

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San said...

You're right. What's called "health care" in our country is really "health insurance business." It's unbelievably sad that we have such a limited view of wellness. We're not encouraged to look within ourselves--or even at our culture-- for clues to our illness. Not enough money in that.