Friday, November 5, 2010

Lost Meadow Cider Time Once Again

Once again, Terry Bradshaw has made the most incredibly wonderful apple cider. His work is so far beyond anything that I have ever experienced that language still fails me in creating a description. His blends leave anything else calling itself cider akin to a distant last. If in Montpelier, Vermont in the fall on the weekends his cidery is a destination and offers an experience of a lifetime.

Aura Imaging Work Continues

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Imaging the Crown Chakra

The dark region directly above His Holiness's head perhaps is an image of the crown chakra or the Sahasrara chakra.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Imaging the Aura

Double click on a picture to enlarge

Update: There is both something to this and at the same time something wrong with this...back to the drawing board....

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Aura Project Progress Report

Some progress on imaging the aura...seeing differences and also surprising results in analysis of the auras of the Dalai Lama and Stanley McCrystal ...teasing out the information at the edges of who they physically are...playing with light beyond red and beyond violet

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Aura Imaging Project

Awaiting a 64 bit laptop computer delivery today. Putting hardware to back software ideas on imaging the aura. It has been an interesting project, taking me to nether parts of my experience and education. I am looking forward to delivering results. What results will offer will be a window to truth which will be inescapable.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Being Well in Difficult Economic Times

The current debate over US health care overlooks several conditions:
  1. The required insurance provides poor services at high costs and is designed to benefit insurance companies.
  2. The services provided for chronic illnesses rely on poorly tested and conceived pharmaceuticals that benefit providing corporations more that the patient.
Corporations and public companies are required by law to make maximum profits for their stock holders. All other aspects of providing needed services are overlooked in meeting this primary legal obligation.
So the reality is, that when it comes to curing chronic illness in the expensive US health care system, you are really already on your own. The system is going to manage your symptoms with drugs and is not going to offer you a cure. The only people who offer cures in the system are people who are soliciting funds for research and these "cures" are eternally just around the corner. What the health care system does for patients is offer excellence diagnosis. What he health care system offers is real good short term solutions for physical trauma, from broken bones on up.
If you have a chronic issue, it is important for you to realize that confronting it is something you will have to do on your own with little or no support from the health care system other than maintenance medications. To get well you will have to rely on alternative methods.
So what alternatives have people used to get well?
  1. People have used a variety of healing diets to return to health.
  2. People have used breathing exercises to reverse physical illness.
  3. People have used physical exercises to overcome physical issues.
  4. People have enrolled their minds and thinking in a process of becoming well.
  5. People have performed life energy exercises in a positive surrounding context and this alone has overcome major illnesses.
  6. People have shifted their heart energies to create a whole new lease on life.
  7. People have met the needs of their souls to find that such a process has impacted both their minds and their bodies.
There are alternatives to maintaining the symptoms of illness that actually have led to documented reversal of illnesses, that have led to cures. So considering the alternatives may be the best thing you can do for your life.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

PIP Photograpy

Harry Oldfield, in the UK, has imaged for several decades, what he believes to be, the human field.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Drawing of the Human Energy Field After Walter John Kilner

Sun in ultraviolet

Walter John Kilner, MD, using a violet filter, viewed patients, back-lit by daylight passing through a window screen, to view the human energy field and to diagnosis illness. His work suggests that the human energy field is most visible to violet and ultra violet radiation passing through the field, which disturbs the direct rays/waves of light to the point that the disturbance is visible to the naked eye, when other wave lengths of light are filtered out.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Political Observations IN This Blog Are Ending

This is the last week of this blog. Much of the content over the past year has been political in nature, for as a healer, I have begun to see how the wrong political conditions contribute to illness. I had the sense that speaking truth, as I saw it, about difficult issues, might make a difference in the world. I have concluded that it can't. The misguided forces that are driving the world forward are much too great for a blog by an old man to deflect toward doing the right thing. There just can be no good in governance by people, who under law, are felons. We as a country have lost our integrity. We as a country have lost our honor. And in that loss we have become criminals in not taking up difficult issues. The ability to rule is lost in the corruption. The ability to solve problems is lost in the corruption. The ability to do the simple right thing is lost in the corruption. When I was young, I was impressed by the Plebe Handbook, a little volume I got while visiting West Point. The words it held were something about choosing the more difficult right rather than the easier wrong. The words were something about honor. The words were something about speaking truth and having integrity. I am glad that I tried to remind misguided people that there is something wrong in following that tempting misguided path of compromised integrity. I am glad to have seen power of the misguided in moments of my analysis. I am glad to have come up with some sense of who is running the world and how. It is my belief that the efforts toward socialism for corporate losses and privatization of corporate profits will bring all to a bad end. It is my belief that much misguided results comes from covert action and intention. Rule by the covert is ultimately more destructive than atomic warfare. Thousands have been hurt and corrupted by governance by covert action. This process harms all concerned, those governed by these actions and those driven to practice covert rule. The loss of integrity makes a person blind to reality and being blind to reality is an impossible place from which to rule. I have made my contribution toward getting things right. Now is the time for me to attend to small and interesting projects. The human energy field needs to be imaged and a science of energetic interactions needs to be documented and studied. In one week's time I will hit the delete post button on all political comments. Moving forward.